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What Our Customers Are Saying

Testimony Acupuncture with Esther

Re: Recommendation for Acupuncturist in RBS needed.

May 7, 2023, 5:08 PM 

I highly recommend the extremely well trained, experienced, and professional Esther Hornstein of 2nd Nature Healing:

She studied Chinese acupuncture in New York for years to earn her certification. I've been to several other acupuncturists over the years, here and in America, and they each had different levels of training and different approaches to acupuncture as a healing methodology. Esther Hornstein is far and away the most gifted and helpful practitioner I've ever been treated by.



 Unsolicited recommendation

from: Brindy S ( re Esther Hornstein )

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I recommend Esther Hornstein, skilled knowledgeable, and compassionate acupuncturist.


Esther has been helping me with chronic knee and back pain, headaches and insomnia as well. Going to her Clinic is a very calming and  soothing experience. I always feel better when I leave. Over time my sleep has  definitely improved and my other ailments have also gotten better.


Esther is  very wise and talking to her helps me have different perspectives and understanding, which also helps chronic pain. She has a multifaceted approach and I benefited from herbs,  Tuina,  visualization and somatic tracking


 I highly recommend Esther as an acupuncturist and that you give acupuncture a good try at least weekly for a while for a chronic issue. With Hashem's  help you will see good results and feel much better! Good luck

A wife and mother in RBS A

  • From: Channah L  (re Shoshana Billiack)

  • I definitely recommend Shoshana! Shoshana checked in regularly with me as I neared my due date. The reflexology was so calming (always good when leading up the birth)! Shoshana went with me up to Netanya for the birth, and supported me through the night. Shoshana is great!

Testimonial from TS. ( re Shoshana Billiack)

51 yo

I was in Excruciating pain, nothing worked. i was desperate...came to try acupuncture with Esther and T.G this is what i can say: 

 "ESTHER IS A GENTLE MAGIC."  I can now move ..whereas I could not at all.

 I can now sleep more than 2 hours without screaming in pain.


She is worth more than she charges.


Her demeanor and treatments are beyond expectations..


and I, from the bottom of my heart thank and recommend her

 From : Shaina S ( To Shoshana Billiack)

Shoshana Billyack was my doula and birth coach as well as massage therapist 

I find shoshana to be patient and a very calming nature with a lot of professionalism .

During labor she helped with techniques and gave strength and encouragement .

Shoshana gave me empowerment during labor to allow me to birth my baby into the world 

She was kind and caring and I really enjoyed having her with me during this exciting time .

As a massage therapist Shoshana is very professional 

I felt the experience was very relaxing and calming .Shoshana is excellent with her hands and really helps with those pressure points in the body to provide ease .

I personally really enjoyed the hot stones massage Shoshana gave me .

All in all I felt my experience with Shoshana was wonderful .I highly recommend using Shoshana as a Doula and Massage Therapist .

From: Eliza Z To Shoshana Billiack 

- Receiving a massage from Shoshana is like being transported into another dimension. A dimension of relaxation and calm.

- Shoshanas vast knowledge of the inner workings of the body in relation to various intricate locations on the feet is astounding. I found the overall reflexology treatment comforting as well as educational.

-The knowledge that Shoshana possesses as both a Doula and a Massage Practitioner made me feel completely at ease. I knew i was in good hands and that helped me relax even before the very relaxing massage.

-Shoshana is very easy to be around. Not only is she an amazing Massage Therapist but she also has a very calming voice and way about her. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! :)


-I recommended Shoshana to my sister when she told me she was expecting. Shoshana is so caring and passionate about being a Doula because she wants all women to have support and advocacy in labor and throughout the entire pregnancy and post natal period. My sister was very happy to have had Shoshana as her Doula and recommends her to all her friends. Shoshanas knowledge, caring personality and calming disposition is truly a gift for all expectant mothers. Also how amazing is it that She is also a massage therapist!! Ladies do yourself and your family a favor and book Shoshana TODAY!

-Shoshana and I completed our massage studies together and I feel so lucky to have met her and to have had her practice massage and reflexology on me! She is very knowledgeable and freely shares her knowledge and she also is very talented! Every time I was being massaged by her I almost fell asleep from being so relaxed, whereas when i was the one doing the massaging, Shoshana was able to guide me through the massage and help me remember any parts i missed. That's just how Shoshana is; So caring and sweet and always wanting to help. I wish Shoshana so much success, Shoshana, you are amazing and I am excited for all your current and future clients! They are definitely in the best of hands!

re  Esther Hornstein


My 10 month old had had about 10 ear-infections since he was born, each one lasting around a week-long. He had been on antibiotics several times and was suffering terribly. Esther used different techniques to treat and prevent the ear-infections. The treatments were painless and my baby actually enjoyed them. Since we started, the duration of his ear-infections were lessened to a few days, and were much less severe. After a couple of months of treatment, together with Esther's invaluable advice on how to prevent recurrences, the infections were prevented entirely. I also saw how the treatments helped his digestion and sleeping patterns. Since we completed the series of treatments, my baby has been infection-free for many months b"H!
I would recommend to any parent of a baby who has had an ear infection (or any sleeping/digestion issues) to bring him/her to Esther Hornstein!

CMG, Mother of 3

Re Esther Hornstein

I had a fantastic experience with Esther's treatments for pregnancy related issues. She was kind, patient and very understanding and I experienced a lot of relief very shortly after beginning treatments. Esther asked lots of questions to make sure she understood my situation clearly and the whole time I felt like I was in very good hands. I would highly recommend her.

SDT, F, 23

Re Esther Hornstein

I started seeing Esther due to constantly pulling my hamstrings. From just 1 treatment session I physically felt a beneficial difference in my body. Given that I have seen Esther multiple times, I now experience significantly reduced back pain, knee pain, and my hamstrings are feeling waaayyyyyy better. Esther takes a more holistic approach in her treatment, and focused on all of the other areas of my body that were causing my hamstrings to get re-injured to help address the root cause of the problem. I am so happy that I found her, especially since she is so warm, caring, genuine, nurturing, and empathic

NH, F, 25

Re Esther Hornstein


My kids love going to see 'Dr. Esther' and would always ask when it was time to go for a visit.  We go for treatments for so many things including ear infections, allergies, congestion, constipation, the list goes on.  We have seen vast improvements in our children's health since beginning these treatments.

CB, mother of 3

Re Esther Hornstein

I can not begin to express my gratitude for all of Esther's help. Not only did she make my dream birth possible, but she managed to instill in me calmness that made it all the more possible. I thank her for all the effort on my behalf for helping me achieve my goal (of a VBAC)!

MT, F 28

Re Esther Hornstein


My experience at 2nd Nature Acupuncture and Esther Hornstein, L.Ac has been nothing short of fantastic! As a new-comer to the world of Chinese Medicine, my knowledge was based on what I had seen in the movies, and while I thought it was cool to try it, I had no idea what to expect.  From my very first consultation/treatment, I was enthusiastic about the process. Esther's friendly manner and incomparable ability to listen put me at ease immediately. I ended up sharing details about my life in this private setting that I otherwise wouldn't have even confided in a diary (and I felt comfortable doing it, to boot!). Her knowledge of the field and professionalism in practice has been key to bringing me closer to my goals. Esther has been able to explain aspects of the treatment in layman's terms for each of my questions. 
I was battling a hormone disorder and weight issues, and since having started about 6 months ago, I have dropped almost 30 pounds and many of my hormone levels have normalized. In addition, the treatments have helped me to hone my ability to relax. I would whole-heartedly recommend Esther's services to anyone, and I would do so confidently!


GL, F 25

Re Esther Hornstein


I began to see Esther Hornstein, initially, for venous insufficiency and arthritic pain in both knees. There was some improvement after the 1st treatment. The swelling was controlled and pain was reduced. At this point, after 10 treatments, the swelling is still controlled by the end of the day, even days when I must stand on my feet for many hours. Arthritic pain, when walking and kneeling, is largely gone.
I have also been getting acupuncture from Esther Hornstein for facial rejuvenation. After eight treatments I can see subtle differences. I noticed changes in color and skin texture. My cheeks have some pinkness that they hadn’t had for years, and they were also less flat, with a more youthful roundness. By the time I had had 4-5 treatments, facial lines were less deep and the loose hanging skin under my chin (from rapid weight loss in my 50’s), is still loose but has a smoother appearance- more like a chin that has “started to go,” rather than one which is “long gone.”
I did not start acupuncture with any anticipation of real success. I expected to try a treatment or 2 and say “this doesn’t work,” but I have seen real improvement for the issues I’ve sought to treat and I would recommend that anyone try 2-4 treatments for a given issue, especially if “traditional” treatment has not helped. You might be pleasantly surprised. I was.

CH, F 70

Re Esther Hornstein


I knew Esther socially and was intrigued when Esther offered me an acupuncture treatment to control my appetite. Well, little did I know that I would get hooked.  I have maintained a steady weekly appointment ever since. Esther's acupuncture treatments have helped with my physical and emotional well being over the past few very stressful years.

Acupuncture has helped me keep my weight off, my energy up, and best yet, it has erased years from my face.  People want to know why I am glowing!!

I strongly recommend her because I am one very satisfied client.

CH , F 52

Re Esther Hornstein

You are a miracle-worker.
My cheeks look incredibly tighter and smaller since we began the treatments.
I am very happy that my face has responded well to your acupuncture treatments.

AP, M, 49

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