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Pediatric Treatment

Acupuncture healing for kids!

Resolving little problems in children help to prevent them from getting big in adulthood. Preserve your child's health with acupuncture for: Ear infections, ADD/ADHD, Digestive pain/Disorders, and more.
Initial Evaluation and treatment: 325 nis
Follow up treatments: 205 nis


A Toddler and a Baby

Your Questions, Answered


What can acupuncture do for my child?

This modality of healing can help your child develop through all phases of infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, and puberty by helping their immature systems function at the highest possible level by strengthening them in various ways.

Specific ailments may include:


~Acid reflux





~Digestive problems



~Ear infections

~Muscle aches

~Sensory Integration disorders


~Sleep problems

~Urinary tract infections

What if my child is afraid of needles?

No Problem! Licensed acupuncturists are also trained to use pediatric massage, moxibustion (warming the skin) and other Oriental techniques to stimulate the acu-points to elicit healing.

The main root of most childhood ailments is their weak digestive systems, so this is an important area of focus in the treatment session. In addition to addressing diet and habits, the acupuncturist may also instruct the parent(s) how to use specific massage techniques on the child at home.

With the child’s permission, treatment may include using needles which will be more effective as the child grows older.

How many treatments will my child need?

Children are very receptive to acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Depending on the case, your child will most likely need two to three treatments to resolve an acute complaint. Or more treatments if it is a chronic condition.

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