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Reflexology is a remarkably gentle yet powerful form of healing. People who want to avoid invasive procedures, painful treatments or medication that carry side effects choose Reflexology to treat insomnia, headaches, muscle pain, arthritis, menstrual irregularities, infertility, anxiety, depression, circulation disorder, digestive disorders and fatigue.


Reflexology effectively improves circulation, reduces stress and strengthens the immune system which encourages and supports the body to do what it knows best: heal itself. Through application of pressure to specific points, and through massage of the sole of the foot which is the part of the body which carries the most weight and stress, signals are given to the brain and to the patient's energy field that it is safe to relax and repair itself.

Reflexology can benefit people of all ages and, depending on the length of time a condition has been present, can improve or eliminate many ailments during a course of four to six weekly treatments.

We at 2nd Nature Healing Center have a Qualified and Exceptionally Talented Reflexologist Rochel Rubinoff. She treats all sorts of issues pertaining to babies, children, teens and women's health.

Reflexology to enhance your Birth experience , Pre and Post delivery

 275 nis for Adult treatment

205 nis for Pediatric treatment



 Reflexology treatments can alleviate the symptoms of :
• Asthma

   Bed Wetting

• Colic
• Ear and respiratory problems
• Skin problems and Childhood eczema
• Emotional problems
• Hyperactivity
• Learning and concentration problems
• Menstrual problems in puberty
• Respiratory infections
• Sleep disturbances
• Sporting injuries
• Stress
• Psoriasis and eczema
• Teething

price:  ₪ 205.00 

pediatric reflexology
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