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Tu Bishvat / Hayfever and Complementary Therapy

Updated: Jan 3

Tu Bishvat Is Here..

We recognize and Thank H'.. for all numerous advantages of the trees and the multitudes of fruits they carry...

....but in addition to fruits, trees also produce pollen which could be troublesome for people suffering from Hay Fever.

Pollen season starts as early as January and many trees keep producing pollen through June . To note that pollen is released by trees, as well as grasses and weed and around 90% of cases are related to grass.

Hay Fever symptoms include:

  • Itchy nose

  • Runny nose

  • Sneezing

  • headache

  • Red and watery eyes

How embarrassed do you feel sneezing in public during these corona-virus days?!

If you’re like us, sneezing in public feels like a crime, although it may just be your seasonal allergies acting up.

Most of us are familiar with conventional medicines such as antihistamines and steroids to alleviate these symptoms.

Conventional medicines are mainly for relieving the symptoms BUT

Traditional Chinese Medicine gets to the root of the allergy to treat it.

In traditional Chinese medicine theories, hay fever is thought to be closely related to Qi deficiency in the lung, spleen and kidney. A disharmony of the lung meridian can be the cause of any seasonal allergy symptoms. The lungs are responsible for filtering what goes in and out of the body, as they open up to the skin, nose and mouth. Itchiness, runny nose, coughing and more can be a result of the lungs trying to expel whatever they do not want.

Chinese medical practitioners use either herbs and acupuncture to treat the root reason for hay fever, to tonify the Qi, alleviate your symptoms, support stronger lung function, help you to breathe easy and feel great!

Take a look at your emotional health. The physical body can be a reflection of your emotional state. The body often likes to speak to us through symptoms, to make us aware of something deeper that is going on inside.

Remember to take a deep breath. To be thankful for all that is good. To treat yourself to a massage. To cuddle up with a warm tea and nice book. To let go and accept. This alone can potentially help you start to feel better.

The toes are the sinus reflex points on the feet. Massaging and stretching out the toes can help to unblock your sinuses and ease breathing. A full reflexology treatment can go a long way in keeping your allergies at bay.

More Holistic tips:

Buy and eat (yes! With a spoon!) local, raw honey . Bees make pollen from the local flowers which people are having an allergic response to, so taking a spoonful of it will expose and hopefully strengthen your body’s reaction to the allergen. Not to mention it is very tasty! Ditch dairy and processed foods. Dairy has a dampening effect on the body, which could be a cause of unwanted phlegm.

Try for regular exercise as well as muscle relaxation.

There is a pressure point above each eyebrow (pictured left). Press on them until you feel your nose clear up. If it really hurts then you know that you hit the right spot!

Is quarantine preventing you from getting your self-care? Esther Hornstein can treat you through zoom! The virtual treatment consists of a 40 minute balancing meditation tailored to you, along with an acupressure demonstration and recommendations. Call 054-719-9600 or email

Take care of yourself!

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