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Support Naturally the Health and Vitality of your Kidney & Bladder Meridian System

Updated: Oct 20

This blog includes a variety of tips that support the health and vitality of the kidney & bladder meridian system. Use these tips in-between appointments in order to maximize your well being and healing process.

Kidney and Bladder Function

There are significant differences between how Eastern and Western medicine view the organs.

According to Western Medicine the main function of the Kidneys is to filter and purify blood and body fluids and to maintain chemical balance. The bladder's function is to remove liquid waste and toxins out of the body.

According to Chinese Medicine the Kidneys and Bladder have a more complex function. Their functions cover both physical and mental properties. These are not only dependent on the organ itself but on its meridian which is a pathway along the body where vital energy flows. There are twelve such pathways associated with specific organs.

Kidney Function according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Regulates Water and Fluid movement

• Produces bone marrow

• Influences growth and development

• Governs reproduction

• Determines the vitality and length of our lives

• Stores inherited constitution (Vital Essence) called Jing Qi

• Houses the “Zhi,” which is in charge of mental drive and courage, and provides determination and focus to accomplish goals and dreams

Bladder Function according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Stores and excretes urine

• Helps maintain normal fluid levels in the body

Physical and emotional Symptoms associated with Kidney and Bladder meridians when they are out of balance:

• Asthma, Shortness of breath

• Weak and/or brittle bones

• Backache, Knee problems/ weakness

• Dull, throbbing headache

• High blood pressure

• Cystitis, Frequent urination

• Kidney stones

• Impotence, Prostate disorders

• Loose stools

• Broken, split and/or dull hair/ Premature graying

• Dark rings under eyes

• Poor teeth

• Tight hamstrings/ calves

• Lethargy and/or fatigue

• Poor memory

• Depression

• Fear, Panic attacks

• Feeling overwhelmed

• Lack of willpower

• Moaning and groaning

• Paranoia

• Timidity

Dietary advise to support your kidneys & bladder:

Food to Add

• Barley, Buckwheat, Beet greens, Green beans, Kidney beans, Mung beans, Lentils, Sesame seeds, Soybeans (Black), String beans

• Fennel, Peas, Radish leaf

• Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries

• Watermelon, Tangerines

• Peanuts, Chestnuts

• White rice

• Egg yolk, Lamb

• Chives, Cinnamon bark, Clove, Dill seed, Salt (In moderation)

• Hijiki, Kale, Kelp, Miso, Tempeh/Tofu, Wakame

Food to Avoid

• Alcohol, Cigarettes,

• Artificial sweeteners

• Canned veggies, Frozen dinners

• Coffee, Stimulants

• Corned beef, Hot dogs, Sausage

• Dairy products

• Oatmeal

• Pickles, Pungent foods, Salt (In excess)

DIY Acupressure Points

This section provides you with the most effective points for the kidneys & bladder. Rubbing acupressure points 30-60 seconds can stimulate and promote health and well-being.

Kidney 3 :

Location: In the depression between

the inner ankle and Achilles tendon.

Located at the same level as the

ankle bone.

Function: used for

-low back, ankle and foot pain,

-abdominal pain and discomfort

-deafness, tinnitus, headache, dizziness

-cough, asthma, wheezing

-poor memory

-impotence, irregular menstruation

Kidney 6

Location: In the small

indentation approximately 1 inch

directly below the inside ankle bone.

Functions: Used for

- painful, swollen and sore throat

- painful and red eyes

- sleep disturbances

- dizziness

- irregular and painful menstruation, post-partum difficulties, genital


- limbs, ankle and foot pain.

Bladder 60

Location: In the depression

between the outer ankle and

Achilles tendon. Located at the

same level as the ankle bone.

Functions: Used to treat

- backaches, and pain in

shoulder, neck and head

- headaches,

- burning urination

- painful menses.

Bladder 2

Location: Located on the inner

edge of the eyebrows.

Functions: This point helps with

- blurry and difficult vision,

- red and painful eyes

- headaches around or behind the eyes, sinus


- facial paralysis and facial tics

Kidney 27

Location: Located off the breastbone, in the hollow below the collarbone. There

may be a slight indentation.

Functions: this point helps with:

- the immune system

- allergies,

- drowsiness,

- breathing difficulties, asthma, coughing, hiccups,

- sore throats,

- anxiety, premenstrual tension, and depression.

- focus and performance.

Awaken Your Kidney Energy:

- After you locate KD 27, place the right middle finger on the left KD 27 point

- and the left middle finger on the right KD 27 point.

- Gently tap or rub these points. To enhance the effect,

- “hook” the middle finger of either hand into your navel. Press KD 27 with the middle finger and thumb of the other hand and softly pull upward with the finger in the navel. Breathe deeply for a few breaths.

Kidney and Bladder Meridian Exercises

These are specific exercises for the activation of the body’s own energy systems. Each pose was specifically chosen because it has the greatest impact upon the healthy functioning of the kidneys & bladder.

Forward Bend

1) Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front

of you. Keep your knees slightly bent, do not lock

them. If this causes any discomfort, you can sit on

a folded blanket and bend your knees slightly out

to the side.

2) With chin slightly tucked, slowly stretch forward,

reaching your hands toward your toes. If you

cannot touch your toes, reach for your knees, shins

or ankles. Relax your head.

3) As you breathe in, focus your breath along your

back and spine. Expanding outwards with each

inhalation, and imagining that you are expanding

your back like a big balloon. As you exhale, allow

your body to relax deeper into the stretch.

4) Hold this position for a few breaths.

Bicycle Pedal Leg Press

1) Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in

front of you. Keep your heels together and knees


2) Take a deep breath in, as you exhale, bend your

upper body forward from the hips. Grab your feet if

you can; if not, grab your knees or ankles.

3) Relax your neck, allowing your head to hang


4) Push your left hip and left heel forward, away

from you, and pull your right hip and right heel

closer to you.

5) As you push forward with your left foot, reach

forward with your extended left arm.

6) Rhythmically alternate the synchronized leg and

arm movements for each side.

Forward Bend

1) Place the soles of your feet together.

2) Pull them back as close to your groin as possible.

3) Place hands, palms up, under your ankles and

hold them.

4) Rest your elbows on top of your inner thighs,

keep your back straight, and apply a slight

downward pressure with your elbows.

5) Press your knees downward, closer to the floor,

without straining them.

6) Use your weight and elbow to press your right

leg down, then release. Do the same for the left

side. Use the momentum to rock from side-to-side.

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As mentionned above this blog is designed to give you tools to enhance your kidney & bladder wellness .

Please remember to use these tips in-between appointments in order to maximize your well being and healing process.

How to choose an Acupuncturist

It is important to find a Trained and Experienced practitioner Acupuncturist. Diplomats of acupuncture have at least four years of academic training at the master’s level, must pass rigorous exams and meet state licensing and continuing education requirements.

Both Esther Hornstein and Dr David Rose are licensed acupuncturist and diplomat in acupuncture. with continuous professional update.

In their Therapeutic Holistic approach, they address Pediatric ailments, Men & Women’s health, Pain management and overall Wellness.

Esther Hornstein and her Team at 2nd nature Healing Center,

Quality Holistic Therapy by Qualified and Experienced Practitioners

Acupuncture - For Men, Women and Children by Esther Hornstein and Dr David Rose Chinese Herbal Medicine - For Men, Women and Children by Dr David Rose

Massage - For Men By Avi Dzik

Massage - For Women By Rochel Rubinoff

Reflexology - For Women and Children by Rochel Rubinoff

Diagnostic Reflexology -For Women and Children by Rochel Rubinoff

The private practice is in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

2nd nature Healing Center, 34 Nachal Hakishon.

tel: 054 719 9600

To make an appointment you may:

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call or WhatsApp : 054-719-9600

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