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Excerpt from Dr. Yael Tusks upcoming book, “Handbook on Reproductive Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine”

Shlomo came to my clinic about 12 years ago with severe insomnia. He had researched Chinese herbs on the internet and had written himself an herbal formula after 2 weeks trial he realized that his “DIY” treatment was totally ineffectual and he thereafter booked a consultation with me with success.

He wrote later " I am so delighted i didn't give up and i came to you. Thank G., and thank you Yael , i can now have an unbroken night sleep and function normally during the day".

Shlomo had a basic knowledge of Chinese herbs. Effectively he had chosen herbs helpful against insomnia....but not suitable for him as Shlomo did not take into consideration his own constitution.

Because of the complicated formulation methods, Chinese herbs should be

prescribed by a practitioner with advanced training in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

The practice of performing self-help with simple home remedies and nutritional solutions is great, but it has its limitations; it’s important to understand the limited application of home remedies and be prepared to get expert help when needed.

About Chinese Herbs:

Chinese herbs are complex, and formulating them requires a thorough understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, treatment principles, the medicinal effects of each herb and how to combine them.

Chinese herbs are not prescribed individually, but in formulas. The right Chinese herbal formula can be very effective. Furthermore, they are very safe. When properly prepared and taken at correct dosage under the supervision of a doctor of Chinese medicine, side-effects are rare.

Chinese herbs come in various forms:

  • Raw herbs need to be cooked and strained. This method is the most labor intensive but produces the best results.

  • Tinctures are alcohol extractions of herbs. They are extremely easy to take and in my experience are highly effective. Because of their convenience and the fact that they can be custom formulated (and because there is a fantastic herbal tincture pharmacy in Jerusalem), tinctures are usually my go-to choice.

  • Granules/powdered herbs are also highly effective. They are easy to take and need only to be dissolved in a small amount of hot water

  • Pills are ready-made and are not usually custom tailored to the individual’s presentation. They are a good option if someone needs to start herbs immediately and pills are on hand. They are also very convenient for travel. In my experience, pills are the least potent form of Chinese herbs. They can be difficult for some people to digest and they are not suitable for babies or young children.

There are no “one size fits all” remedies in Chinese medicine.

For example, in the West, garlic, black pepper and ginger are lauded as natural antibiotics (among their many functions) and favored as blanket remedies for many health conditions. All of the above are also Chinese herbs.

However, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use a lot of discretion when prescribing them, since garlic, ginger and black pepper are very warming, they are not used medicinally for people with hot constitutions (predominant internal heat). A person with a hot body constitution, will be prescribed cold energy herbs to reduce the excessive internal heat in order to balance the body's yin and yang.

In conclusion:

  • A herb's nature must be balanced against the individual’s constitution in order to improve one's health .

  • The wrong remedy, even if it has impressive medicinal value, will not improve one’s health.

  • The tailoring of herbal remedies to the individual’s constitution illustrates what qualifies medicine as holistic.

Dr Yael Tusk, MSc. expert Chinese herbalist has been treating patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 15 years. She studied TCM in New York City. She customizes each patient's treatment according to their unique diagnosis. As a well-renowned Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, she has been bridging the gap between Eastern medicine and the Western world while providing healthcare that is safe and powerfully effective.

She is also the author of 'Health: A Natural Approach', available at her office and on Amazon.

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