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The Trauma and Pain Connection

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

We find that the body and mind are SO linked in our work. We've asked for Dr. Elizabeth Rosenberg to give us some information about her book that deals with trauma in family lineage and how it affects future generations.

Often in our treatment rooms, we identify pain, emotions and sensations that don't "belong" to us, rather were inherited. We help you release all that energy that is not yours, both superficial and deep.

GENERATIONAL TRAUMA AND YOUR HEALTH Elizabeth Rosenberg Ph.D Many of the reasons individuals seek out alternative medicine such as acupuncture is to help process suppressed emotional pain that often manifests as eating disorders, anxiety,phobias, physical pain,migraine headaches, chronic stomach issues, eczema, psoriasis or other skin eruptions and sleep disorders.

For children and grandchildren of survivors of trauma, [including but not limited to the Holocaust], understanding that they secondarily absorbed the trauma of their elders environmentally, genetically and psychologically,is an important part of their healing.

In my debut novel To Live Another Day (available for pre-order on Amazon link below), I attempt to weave a story that concretely illustrates exactly what these day to day challenges look like. From children never wanting to 'burden' their sad parents or grandchildren who are afraid to 'leave the nest' for fear of disappointing their vulnerable grandparents, 'To Live Another Day' tells the compelling story of three New York City Jewish girls who develop an enduring bond that allows them to rely on each other while coping with social, emotional, and psychological stressors stemming from their dysfunctional relationships with their parents. The main character, a frum girl who is the granddaughter of a Hungarian Holocaust survivor, when faced with enormous adversity, chooses to shield her family and friends and creates a meaningful life for herself in Meah Shearim.

Most people mistakenly think trauma is only exposure to war or combat. It is also surviving natural disasters such as fire, flood or hurricanes, infertility, homelessness, poverty, physicalemotional, verbal or religious abuse, surviving a car crash or a cancer diagnosis. If your parents or grandparents suffered from any of these catastrophic events, you may have "inherited" the symptoms of their trauma vicariously.

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What To Do If You Believe You Suffer From Secondary Trauma: ● Continue working with Esther and her team ● Consult with a mental health professional ● Practice self-care

● Recognize that while you may have inherited trauma symptoms, you also were exposed to

strength, אמונה,ביטחון and determination.

● Know that you can work past your trauma symptoms

Checklist Of Secondary Symptoms Of Trauma: ● fatigue or illness ● cynicism ● irritability ● reduced productivity ● feelings of hopelessness ● sadness ● nightmares ● anxiety ● avoidance of people or activities ● persistent anger and sadness(at home or at work)

Complementary Therapy, Holistic care, Highly Professional and Experienced Therapist at 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

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