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Rhythm of the Year: Autumn  & Jewish High Holidays

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

We are stepping into the autumn season. We notice the days are getting shorter and hopefully soon, feel the nip of coldness the air. We transition from the warm and open vibe of summer to a more introspective energy of the fall.

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine every organ in the body is paired with another, and the two complement each other as either yin or yang. Each organ pairing is typically linked to one of the seasons of the year. Fall is associated with the Lung (yin) and Large Intestine (yang) meridians/organs in the body. The Lung controls our respiration which also helps regulate the flow of water in our body. The Large Intestine takes care of releasing waste.

These organs process what our body no longer needs so that we can only keep what is nourishing and essential. Energetically, the two organs work together so that we can let go and make space for the new. As fall marks the beginning of the yin cycle of the year, we look inward to sift through what we might still be hanging on to in our lives that may have already outlived its purpose. To see if we can soften our grip around these and open ourselves to receive something else.

This very much mirrors our tasks this time of year in regards to the Jewish High Holidays. Allow the clean, crisp, cool air in. We open ourselves and our lungs to accept the blessings, spirituality and "air". Simultaneously we let go of what is holding us back. With each elimination we unburden ourselves and emerge more pure.

What shall we eat in Autumn according to Chinese medicine?

With dryness and wind dominating the fall season, try to eat foods that generate fluid and moisten the lungs such as pears, apples, persimmons, figs, pumpkins, nuts and seeds. Surprisingly pomegranates are also good for the lungs!

Shana Tova from 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

In Chinese medicine, autumn is associated with the lungs.

As a general rule, one of the greatest tip to help you live in harmony with the season of autumn is to Breathe Deeply.

Deep Breathing strengthens the lungs. When we breathe deeply, we are filling in our cells with the oxygen needed for all body processes. The best thing to do is go outside for a walk in the brisk autumn air and take long, slow breaths while we’re out.

If someone digs a well only when thirsty: It is too late!!!

If you are prone to lung weaknesses, like asthma or breathing problems or skin conditions like eczema, they might worsen in autumn.

Now is a great time to pop into the clinic for your herbs, massage, reflexology, shiatsu or acupuncture to strengthen the lung. Don’t book your appointment too late..

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Highly Qualified and experienced Practitioners, Complementary Holistic Therapy, 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

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