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Practitionner Spotlight: Shoshana Billyack Reputed Doula, Reflexology & Massage Practitionner

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Shoshana Billyack is originally from Louisville KY USA. She was pre med at Hofstra University in 2005-2006. Then she came to Israel and started studying Jewish studies in Neve Yerushalayim. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology, computer programming and Jewish studies.

She became religious and stayed in Israel where she met and married her husband.

After her last pregnancy she suffered postpartum depression and once recovered she decided to help women through birth experience. She then decided to study in Shelem college Massage Therapy and Doula. Since then she has T.G. attended many births and successfully helped so many women.

Shoshana completed courses in Massage Therapy and Reflexology.

She practices Swedish massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pre & Post Natal Massage.

Her aim is to help women have an all encompassing positive holistic birth experience: Pregnancy, Delivery and Postpartum periods.

From testimony she has proven to be a successful advocate for women helping them make an informed delivery plan.

Shoshana's massage and reflexology techniques help the pregnant woman's body prepare itself for birth.

Her Doula and reflexology training enhance a positive delivery experience.

Her techniques in reflexology and massage will give a relaxing feeling that will help someone who is going through baby blues, anxiety or depression related to pregnancy.

Here are some testimonies:

Eliza Z wrote:

- Receiving a massage from Shoshana is like being transported into another dimension. A dimension of relaxation and calm.

- Shoshana's vast knowledge of the inner workings of the body in relation to various intricate locations on the feet is astounding. I found the overall reflexology treatment comforting as well as educational.

-The knowledge that Shoshana posseses as both a Doula and a Massage Practitioner made me feel completely at ease. I knew i was in good hands and that helped me relax even before the very relaxing massage.

-Shoshana is very easy to be around. Not only is she an amazing Massage Therapist but she also has a very calming voice and way about her. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! :)

-I recommended Shoshana to my sister when she told me she was expecting. Shoshana is so caring and passionate about being a Doula because she wants all women to have support and advocacy in labor and throughout the entire pregnancy and post natal period. My sister was very happy to have had Shoshana as her Doula. Shoshanas knowledge, caring personality and calming disposition is truly a gift for all expectant mothers. Also how amazing is it that She is also a massage therapist!! Ladies do yourself and your family a favor and book Shoshana TODAY!

From Shaina S: Shoshana Billiack was my doula and birth coach as well as massage therapist

I find shoshana to be patient and a very calming nature with a lot of professionalism .

During labor she helped with techniques and gave strength and encouragement .

Shoshana gave me empowerment during labor to allow me to birth my baby into the world

She was kind and caring and I really enjoyed having her with me during this exciting time .

As a massage therapist Shoshana is very professional

I felt the experience was very relaxing and calming . Shoshana is excellent with her hands and really helps with those pressure points in the body to provide ease .

I personally really enjoyed the hot stones massage Shoshana gave me .

All in all I felt my experience with Shoshana was wonderful .I highly recommend using Shoshana as a Doula and Massage Therapist .

To book an appointment with Shoshana you may:


Shoshana is also available outside of office times. Please call 054 242 3787

You may also visit our website, Shoshana's Doula page, Our Healer's highlight and Blog

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