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Kids First Defense Against Winter Diseases: Cupping and Acupuncture

Updated: Jan 28

When I tell people that I treat children, sometimes reactions are like: "How do you get the kids to keep still?" "Doesn't it hurt?" "What can acupuncture do for kids?" etc etc.

It may seem like Chinese Medicine is the "last resort" for health issues in the Western World, but I'd like to tell you why it should be the first defense for helping your little ones get better.

First off, I want to say that I am not against doctors, medication, surgery etc. Doctors just want to help and they have developed tools to do just that. Countless lives are saved and improved every single day because of medical science and developments. My role, as an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Therapist, is to fill in the holes where conventional medicine falls short.

Ear Infections:

pediatric ailment: Reflexology/ Acupuncture, Highly Qualified and experienced Practitioners, Complementary Holistic Therapy, 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

Let's discuss antibiotics for ear infections. According to protocol, after 6 months of age there should be a "wait and see" period before sounding the alarm and giving antibiotics for ear infection ( That's because a great deal of ear infections are caused by a virus and in those cases antibiotics will do bubkus, absolutely nothing against the pain and for treating the actual viral infection. What antibiotics will do, is clear your child's digestive system of possibly harmful bacteria but it also unfortunately get rid of good bacteria and therefore the integrity of the immune system is really reduced . A weak immune system will of course make the child more vulnerable to getting sick again and needing more antibiotics, and thereby sending the child on a fast track to chronic illness via this vicious cycle. ...So why would we treat with antibiotics on the first visit to the doc instead of waiting? Because our kid is in pain! It's really hard to see a child suffer and plus, we need sleep!

This is where I step in. Chinese medicine has proven results in treating otitis media (ear infections), reducing pain, draining the ears of fluid and can even prevent re-infection.

Using acupuncture in the beginning to treat ear infections and prevent re-infection can even negate the need for removing adenoids and /or putting in tubes.

Chest Congestion, Cough

Now, when dealing with chest congestion and cough cupping should be treatment . Cupping is a treatment where literally suction cups are put on the skin in order to facilitate circulation. So lets say Jonny has a bad cough that sounds like barking, and he's waking you up at night because it sounds like a full string orchestra emanating from his mouth by way of his wheezing chest as he sleeps... and no matter how much he coughs he can't get the phlegm need cupping. In Jonny's case it will break up the thick phlegm, clear his lungs and then he can cough that junk out. Mixed with some acupuncture and dietary advice he'll be phlegm free in a couple of treatments.

Colds, Fevers and Viruses

Colds, fevers and viruses are tricky, aren't they? No two people have the exact same symptoms even from the exact same strain of virus. Again, here is where Chinese medicine has cornered the market. An individualized assessment based on symptoms, signs and manifestation will allows me to implement a customized treatment plan using a combination of cupping, acupuncture and herbs in the right combination. The goal is to let the body use the virus as a learning opportunity for little Sarah's immune system.

How does acupuncture work?

TCM, Highly Qualified and experienced Practitioners, Complementary Holistic Therapy, 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

Acupuncture is a form of Oriental Medicine. Thin hair-like needles are inserted into the skin at locations called acu-points, which are located throughout the body, from head to toe. These Acu-points connect to each other through pathways, called meridians, that ultimately connect to organs. Each acu-point has specific functions and are used in combination with other acu-points to achieve a desired medical effect. These meridians influence the function of the organs. By stimulating specific acu-points along the meridian, the organ is influenced to rectify the problem causing the symptoms.

How many treatments does your child need?

Children are very receptive to acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Depending on the case, your child will most likely need two to three treatments to resolve an acute complaint.

What if your kid doesn’t like needles?

No Problem! Licensed acupuncturists like me are also trained to use pediatric massage, moxibustion (warming the skin) and other Oriental techniques to stimulate the acu-points to elicit healing.

Pediatric moxibustion, Highly Qualified and experienced Practitioners, Complementary Holistic Therapy, 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

The main root of most childhood ailments is their weak digestive systems, so this is an important area of focus in the treatment session. In addition to addressing diet and habits, I may also instruct the parent(s) how to use specific massage techniques on the child at home.

With the child’s permission, treatment may include using needles which will be more effective as the child grows older.

How long is each session?

The first session is about an hour which includes medical and family history, evaluation and treatment. Follow up visits are about 30-45 minutes.

Highly Qualified and experienced Practitioners, Complementary Holistic Therapy, 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

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