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How to Avoid Falling Down | Autumn Health Tips from 2nd Nature Healing Center

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

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As Fall blows in, it can be hard to let go of Summer. The beautiful weather, the long afternoons and family outings, although limited, will only come back next year. This season begins the yin (or introverted) time of the year. Staying indoors more, less daylight, forces us to focus on us. It's time to take stock of what we have, physically and emotionally, and take the time to clean out what is not necessary.

The season of Autumn corresponds to the element of metal. Metal lends itself to being pure. Metal begs to be held up to the light. You can't hide impurities in metal. In this way, metal relates to the emotion of grief. "What have I lost? Look at the scuffs on my precious exterior, what could I have been? This is what I should have achieved" Mourning, grief, and sadness are the 'negative' side of the emotional metal element. On the flip side are attributes of respect and integrity. We are given the power to process out negativity and refine ourselves to act and feel with respect and integrity. These too are the characteristics of metal.

Another way to get in tune with the seasons is to eat in season. I have compiled a short list of yummy foods that are in season now. And I have added some health incentives for you to add them to your diet. Apples: Rich in antioxidants, helps avoid Parkinson’s disease, cancers and Alzheimer’s. Reduces chances of diabetes, prevents cataracts, improves digestion, helps maintain heart health, good for your teeth. Chinese medicine hails apples as a lung moisturizer: great for asthmatics, or those with dry coughs. Broccoli: Controls high blood pressure, prevents colon cancer. Very rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folic acid, calcium and FIBER! Carrots: Improve vision, contains compounds found to prevent cancer, antioxidants slows down signs of aging and helps skin. Beta – carotene prevents heart disease. And they are good for teeth and gums Cranberries: have a good amount of vitamin C and fiber, but are known for very high amounts of antioxidants. They are great for heart health. Try crushing a fresh cranberry on age spots and let the skin dry overnight. In the morning you will notice remarkable skin. Figs: are wonderful for lowering high blood pressure, the high fiber aids weight loss, increases bone density, prevents macular degeneration. But this star fruit is known to protect breast health especially preventing postmenopausal breast cancer due to the fiber content. Did you know that crushing fresh figs into a poultice can dissolve breast cysts and nodules (see here for more info Garlic: is a heart protector on many levels: it is a natural blood thinner; helps reduce blood pressure, prevents heart attacks, prevents atherosclerosis, and reduces arterial inflammation that causes high cholesterol. Garlic: also helps fight allergies and colds and upper respiratory infections. Regulates blood sugar, fat cells and improves metabolism. Pears: are high in fiber which has been shown to reduce risk of breast cancer, heart disease and type 2 Diabetes. Pears are rich in vitamins like C, K, B2, B3 and folic acid which are integral for expecting and nursing mothers. Chinese medicine hails pears as a lung moisturizer: great for asthmatics, or those with dry coughs.

The lungs and the large intestines are the organs that embody metal. When grieving or sad, we often gasp for air while crying, sobbing. Depression can make one physically constipated. Unable to let go of our grief, the past, that accumulated clutter ...leaves us suffocated and blocked up. The autumn air is crisp and delicious. Fall is the time to open our lungs, allow the clean air in. By breathing deeply, peristalsis of the large intestine is activated which helps to remove bodily waste. Breathing in itself detoxifies the body. Deep belly breathing is therapeutic on many levels. Ex-smokers use deep breathing to help combat cravings. Chronic pain sufferers use it to cope. Frequent deep breaths improve circulation too.

Acupuncture, reflexology, massage and shiatsu can encourage the release of accumulated emotions and toxins, and help the lungs breathe in deeply to improve circulation.

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Highly Qualified and experienced Practitioners, Complementary Holistic Therapy, 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

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