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Back-to-School Self-Care Strategies

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

How are you feeling about your children getting back to school?

There may be a lot of conflicting emotions right now. Will the environment be healthy? Will we be able to adjust to a new routine? How do I best utilize my newfound quiet time? How do I resume projects and goals that were put on hold since March? 

Put your well-being first. It's worth taking the time to invest in preventative health-care. The following tools can aid in making sure that these worries do not build up inside, resulting in emotional outbursts or even physical ailments:

Journal for at least five minutes a day. Free writing into a journal is a great,

non-judgmental way to release whatever is locked up inside.

Pursue a passion. If there is something creative which you like to do, like singing or playing music, art or dance, do it! This can help to take what's inside of you and let it out, relieving and releasing anxiety. 

Move your body. Even spontaneous exercise like dancing while doing the dishes, or doing a few stretches can help relieve stress. You don't have to do a full hour exercise class in order to reap the benefits of physical movement!

Check out the video below of Esther demonstrating an acupressure technique to help relieve anxiety.

And definitely don't forget to come in for your acupuncture, reflexology, massage or shiatsu treatment! These treatments are very powerful ways to release blocked energy and relieve symptoms from the inside out.

If quarantine is preventing you from getting your self-care, Esther Hornstein can treat you through zoom! The virtual Universal Process treatment consists of a 40 minute balancing meditation tailored to you, along with an acupressure demonstration and recommendations. Feel free to book your appointment through our website or by contacting 054-719-9600.

Wishing you all the best and great heath,

Esther Hornstein - Acupuncturist and Placenta Specialist

Rochel Rubinoff - Massage therapist and Reflexologist specializing in hormonal balancing

Eliezer Rubinoff - Shiatsu for men

Sara Ruchama Lenn - Deep tissue massage and shiatsu for women 

Melissa Danziger - Reflexologist specializing in mental health and psychosomatic disorders

Shani Raice - Doula and Reflexologist specializing in labor preparation

Sheera Sherman - Massage therapist 

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