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Achieve your goals! Release your physical and emotional blocks.

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The Spring time according to Chinese medicine corresponds to the wood element. In Judaism spring time is related to Pesach: Time of our freedom from slavery.

According to Chinese Medicine the wood element is represented by the liver and gallbladder. The liver is in charge of the free flow of chi energy and blood throughout the body. It basically "reorganizes" resources for better flow.

When the liver chi can not flow freely there is a feeling of stagnation and being held back from your potential, which can cause frustration and anger.

When the liver chi can flow, we feel clearer, with the space to transform and create. It is said that the liver channel opens up to the eyes, hinting to our vision.

Now is the time to let our goals, dreams and aspirations come into fruition.

When we develop a clear idea of our goals, and know how to follow through in order to achieve that vision, that is the product of healthy liver chi movement!

Some tips for balancing the liver chi

  • Uncluttering personal space.

  • Physical exercise.

  • Organizing resources. For example, writing lists helps to take thoughts out of the brain and put them onto paper.

  • Foods that nourish the liver are fermented, pickled and sour foods, as well as tart fruits.

  • Acupuncture

  • Reflexology

  • Shiatsu

  • Massages

All these holistic therapies stimulate blood circulation and reduce blockages hence balances the liver chi.

It's no wonder that spring is the time of uncluttering and organizing! This is the ideal time to think of creative projects, to reorganize and make space for them.

Now is the time to pursue our goals and dreams.

We actually balance our liver chi while preparing for Passover! We become Hashem's nation.

We were slaves in Egypt, which was the epitome of stagnation. We were stuck, pushed down and saw no way to achieve our goals.

With the miracle of Passover and the splitting of the sea, we became servants of Hashem, connected to endless growth and potential.

Let's tap into that energy now and let ourselves flourish and blossom into the people we've always wanted to be! Book now with one of our Holistic Therapist.



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