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A Deeper Understanding of Chiropractic Therapy by Dr Zach Weiser

“Hey Doc, gimme a good crack right… wait, I can’t quite reach it… uuhhh, right there”. And that, ladies and gentlemen is how most of society thinks of chiropractic thus missing out on:

-the beauty of the art of the adjustment (the treatment),

-the science behind it (actually not too boring) and

-the philosophy (which is so profound it can show you a perspective on life you may never have known existed).

I propose we talk about chiropractic from the inside out. Usually we talk about it from the outside in – the, “crack my back and make me feel good” perspective. If we start on the inside, we get to look at who we truly are and figure out how to allow that “who-we-are” being to express itself fully into the world which is exactly why who you truly are invested itself in the little collection of cells that became your physical you on the day that you were conceived.

Dr Zach Weiser Chiropractor, Highly Qualified and Experienced, 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

And so the first thing you did when you invested yourself into those cells was direct some of those cells to form a ridge on what would eventually become your back. The very first act you performed was to begin forming your nervous system. One end of that ridge would expand to become your brilliant brain with the remainder forming your spinal cord and your nervous system. And from that moment on, you entrusted your nervous system to house you and to conduct you to every single part of your forming body. Yes, the nervous system is the home and conduit for your very life source – what many call the Soul.

Every tissue and organ in your body is influenced by your nervous system. Think about that. Every tissue and organ in your body is sensed and directed to function properly by your brain via your nervous system. You don’t even have to consciously think about it. It’s happening all of the time. You breathe at the right pace and depth. Your heart beats at the right pace and intensity. The pores of you skin open and close exactly at the right time and the right amount relative to the balance of the temperature inside your body and outside of it. You know when you are hungry or thirsty and you know how to find the fridge and the faucet. And how to put food in your mouth and pour water there too. You know how to chew and swallow and produce exactly the right amount of acid to digest the food. And how to extract the nutrition from it and how to get rid of the waste. The examples of the functions of your body that are directed by your brain and nervous system are unlimited.

Complementary Therapy by Highly Qualified and Experienced Practitioners, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Reflexology at 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

And then you fall on your backside. And you are fed less than optimal foods and drink water that’s been processed and added to and placed in plastic that leaks hormone disruptors. And you breathe air that is no longer the same mixture of molecules it was when humans began to walk this planet. And you are told over and over again how you are not smart enough or pretty enough or adroit enough or tall enough or just plain good enough. And what happens is your body reacts to all of this in order to protect itself from all of this physical, mental, emotional and environmental abuse. And one of the things that happens is that the bones of your spine – the joints of the vertebrae – become misaligned one relative to the next. And this creates a condition of stress on the spinal cord and the nerves that flow through and between the vertebrae and to every tissue and organ of your body. And your body begins to send you – the real you – the conscious, Soul you – messages that things aren’t going so well down here in the physical realm. There is stress on the nerves to your stomach and the message is, “I have indigestion”. There is stress on the nerves to your lungs and the message is, “I have asthma”. There is stress on the nerves to your uterus and the message is, “I have cramps and irregular periods”. And sadly, the only messages that get you to the chiropractor are the ones that are sent when the stress is on the nerves that go to your back and neck – these messages are, “I have a bad back”,”My back is killing me”, “I can’t turn my head”, “I have pain running down my leg”, and the one we chiropractors hear, sadly, all of the time, “I feel like I’m so old”.

Complementary Therapy by Highly Qualified and Experienced Practitioners, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Reflexology at 2nd Nature Healing Center, Beit Shemesh

The art of realigning vertebrae which is practiced by chiropractors is called adjusting. Chiropractors adjust vertebrae from a misaligned condition back to an aligned position. When done just right it is comfortable, feels great and gives a sense of energy flowing in your body. That is the feeling of your nervous system beginning to flow again without the interference and disturbance caused by the misaligned bones.

As with any art there are many techniques. Artists express their art in many ways. Some in sculpture, some on canvas, some with dance and some with poetry. Chiropractors adjust vertebrae with a variety of techniques. Some by hand, some by body position, some with specialized instruments. Regardless of technique, all have one goal – the realigning of vertebrae in order to restore nerve flow between the brain and the organs. In that state of optimal alignment the brain can best coordinate the functioning of the organs to their optimal levels both individually and within the symphony of good health created when they all are working together.

For real health care that is not about chasing symptoms away without addressing the cause, receive regular chiropractic adjustments. And, to help do your part to make the world a healthier place, tell your friends all about it and definitely insist that every member of your family join you on your visits to your chiropractor.

Dr Zach Weiser treats Men, Women, Children

Complementary Therapy by Highly Qualified and Experienced Practitioners:

Esther Hornstein and her Team at 2nd nature Healing Center,

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Acupuncture - For Men, Women and Children by Esther Hornstein and Dr David Rose Chinese Herbal Medicine - For Men, Women and Children by Dr David Rose

Chiropractic - For Men, Women and Children by Dr Zach Weiser

Massage - For Men By Moshe Lepon

Massage - For Women By Rochel Rubinoff

Reflexology - For Women and Children by Rochel Rubinoff

Diagnostic Reflexology -For Women and Children by Rochel Rubinoff

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