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Your health is always important, it becomes invaluable when you become a mother.

The practice of Placentophagia is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. What used to be a practice in in India, China and other eastern countries is now becoming more common in the West due to the overwhelming benefits.

Placenta Encapsulation
Placenta encapsulation is the process of (cooking), drying and crushing the afterbirth and placing it into pills for the mother (infertile woman, or woman with endocrine problem) to swallow.

The Benefits
The most commonly reported benefits from placentophagy are increased milk production, prevention of post partum depression, faster return to health after birth, decreased chance of iron deficiency and decreased chance of insomnia.

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Free pick up and delivery in the Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph, Israel area. In all other areas of Israel, the mother's family is responsible for arranging transport.

Our Methods



Raw Preparation


Dehydration of the placenta while it is raw is known to preserve more of the hormones and nutrients of the placenta making it a very powerful supplement for the mother.


Once dehydrated, it is crushed and can be used as granules (in foods or tea) fee: 250 nis


Or inserted into vegetarian gel capsules (encapsulated) fee: 300 nis




TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) Preparation


This method requires steaming the placenta with herbs such as lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper before it is dehydrated and crushed. According to TCM, cooked foods are better digested and therefore this method makes for a more effective herb for the new mother in her weakened state. The herbs used in preparation also aid digestion and harmonize the organs that a heavily taxed during pregnancy and delivery.


Once cooked and dehydrated, it can be used as granules (in foods or teas) fee: 300 nis


Or inserted into vegetarian gel capsules (encapsulated) fee: 350 nis

Optional placenta service add-ons

Placenta Tinctures (about 16 oz) can be made from your placenta fee: 125 nis. The process takes 6 weeks, payment is due up front when you get your pills/granules.

Placenta Prints are available for 100 nis, to be received with your granules/pills.

Placenta Encapsulation is permitted by Jewish Law. To obtain a copy of the sources, cited by Rabbi Dovid Kornreich, which indicate that this practice is permissible, See Here

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Why It Works:

Nearly every mammal consumes its own placenta after birth, and many cultures rely on it as a medicinal supplement. The placenta contains vitamins and minerals that may help fight depression symptoms and is rich in iron and protein, which is useful in recovery from childbirth.

There is little research on placentophagy, but a lot of research does exist regarding postpartum health and hormonal fluctuations. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducted a study that focused on the stress-reducing hormone CRH (Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone) which is generally produced by the hypothalamus. During the last trimester of pregnancy, the placenta secretes so much CRH that the levels in the bloodstream increase threefold, but it was also discovered that postpartum women have lower than average levels of CRH which can trigger depressive symptoms for some. They concluded that the placenta secreted so much CRH that the hypothalamus stopped producing it, and once the placenta is born, it takes time for the hypothalamus to get the signal that the CRH levels are low to begin producing it again. This may help confirm that there is likely a biological cause for the baby blues directly related to hormone levels.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using placenta medicinally for thousands of years to help with severely debilitated health and insufficient lactation. In 1954, researchers conducted a study on 210 women with insufficient milk supply. After giving them dried placenta, they discovered that 86% of them had a positive increase in their milk production within a matter of days. More recent research has discovered that placentophagia could enhance pain tolerance by increasing the opium-like substances activated during childbirth which could be beneficial during the postpartum healing process.- Vickii Gervais , LM L.Ac.

To see what else scientific research has to say about placentophagia, visit :

The Benefits from a Chinese Medical Point of View (source: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Eastland Press, by Dan Bensky, Steven Clavey and Erich Stoger)

The human placenta is known in Chinese Medicine as 'zi he che'. It is traditionaly augment the Qi (essence) and Nourishes the Blood.

Women who consume placenta after birth are benefited by aumentation of 'blood' and 'essence'. It is assumed that through pregnancy and the childbirth process, whether natural or medically intervened, the mother has lost 'blood' and 'qi'.
The loss of blood discussed here is not loss of actual blood, but the Traditional Chinese Medical substance called 'blood' which nourishes the tissues and organs and allows qi (energy) to move systemically. This 'blood' is also drained through childbirth and pregnancy. Augmenting the 'essence' also adds to stores of qi in the body which have also depleted through pregnancy and childbirth.
By restoring qi and blood the mother can produce more milk without depleting her own stores of vitality and remain healthy while nursing her baby. In addition, the extra qi and blood within the mother facilitates the smooth flow of qi and thereby prevents common symptoms of depression.

Because of the placenta's properties, the Chinese have used it for hundreds of years as part of the post-partum treatment.

For more information on the Traditional Chinese Medical benefits and properties of human placenta (zi he che) see  Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Eastland Press, by Dan Bensky, Steven Clavey and Erich Stoger

Reactions from Moms to our Placenta Services

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I did this. Not only do I feel great, but as a totally unexpected bonus, my milk has been incredible this time around (this is my fourth). In the past, there was a huge difference between my foremilk and hindmilk, with the foremilk being extremely thin and watery. Now, my milk is rich and thick the whole way through. I love pumping just to get a look at it.  Gorgeous liquid gold."  - Hedva

 "The pills have been so so helpful. I'm feeling much better emotionally and my milk supply has been great. I cant thank you enough." - Gillian M.

" I am so unbelievable grateful for the capsules and you provide a wonderful service. Thanks really isn't enough."

"..The first few days after my birth, before taking the pills I had been doing a lot of crying and feeling 'blah,' now that I've been taking the pills I am feeling more even-keel. One day I took less pills and the next day felt less even-keel, I absolutely feel a difference. ...Thank you ..., I am happy there is access to this type healing. "

"Thanks so much ... for your fabulous service. Withing an hour of taking my first capsules I noticed a significant change in the intensity of pp (post partum) cramping. Very grateful."

"I have been taking the pills - and to be honest am feeling great. I am really glad I did this."

"By the way, the placenta pills are amazing. I wanted to let you know how helpful they have been so far. I could not have been able to pull through these first few weeks if not for them."

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